USED Motorhome Campervan PRICES in 2023

A look at what used Motorhome Prices are at the moment among the different types of camper and taking a look at used Motorcaravans we have had in and a little chat along the way. See how our week goes and what Motorhomes and Campervans we are working on and brought in with a few tips along the way. Looking to Sell Your Motorhome – We Buy all types of Motorhomes and Campervans. What’s Up Next VW Campervan will you Pick ? – Cost of Buying a Used Campervan – New or Used Motorhome Layouts – Motorhome and Caravan Auction – Cost of Buying a Used Motorhome – Solar Panels for Motorhomes – And make sure you subscribe to my channel. Come say Hello Twitter Looking to Buy a Motorhome off us check out our website. Looking to Sell Your Motorhome – We Buy all types of Motorhomes and Campervans. Powerful Tool for Youtubers – Tube Buddy If you have a make of vehicle that may be of interest to us you can email or head to: ‘We Buy Campers’. Some of the makes & types include: Adria , Auto-Sleepers , Autocruise , Auto-Trail , A-Class , Bailey , Bessacarr, Bilbo’s , Benimar , Burstner , Coachbuilt , Carthago , Carado , Chausson , Danbury, Dethleffs , Devon , Erwin Hymer UK , Elddis , Frankia , Fiat Ducato , Ford, Hobby , Globecar , Hymer , Knaus , Laika , Mobilvetta , Pilote , Rapido , Rimor , RV , Roller-team , Romahome , Sunlight , Sun-living , Swift , Peugeot Boxer , Mercedes Sprinter , La strada , Low-profile Nu Venture , Trigano , Transporter , VW , Volkswagen Products/parts that we use or work with: Avtex , Alde , Thetford , Dometic , Truma , Gaslow , AL-KO , Milenco , Fiamma , Vision plus , Calor , Kampa , Thule , Omnistor , Vango, Sika , PV , Reimo , Victron 00:00 Introduction 01:01 Motorhome Prices 2023 03:04 Volkswagen Campervans 04:31 Purpose Built Campervans 06:21 Typical Coachbuilt 06:50 Family Vans (6 Berths) 08:08 A-Class & Roundup #Motorhome #UsedMotorhomes #MotorhomePrices

24 thoughts on “USED Motorhome Campervan PRICES in 2023

  1. Another gem from the first lord’s of motorhomes get me a bucket full of what Kev’s on bless him

  2. Depends on how much unemployment and how many businesses crash in 2023.
    Remember site fees will exp;ode due to electricity and gas prices.

    1. Who knows what will happen this year, I think we’ll still see people using campsites for many years to come!

  3. I’m not a big fan of all the childish messing about in the videos.
    I’m actually going to move channels, to The Caravan Place, far less messing around

  4. Small compact vans staying strong .ie vws . Can stealth camp and can park em on a road + still do the shopping in it

  5. If I decide to sell my motorhome my 6 birth family sized motorhome😳 I will warn you because the prices WILL crash the second I do 😂😳😭

  6. Now even though people don’t want to drive into London and with Sadiq Kahn expanding Ulez to all London boroughs, I would imagine anything older than 2015 that’s not Euro 6, these campervans and motorhomes could drop a bit in price. I have a 2014 pop top campervan that’s not compliant and it will be £12.50 per day to drive it. As I live in the new zone it will be £25 to drive in and out over a weekend.

    1. Interesting point Christian. I do think in the next 10-20 years we will see some changes to the diesel powered vehicles we have on the roads. Who knows what the ultimate solution will end up being😀🤔

    2. @The Motorhome Man as I’m going to be in the Ulez zone, it’s forcing me to sell my campervan.

  7. 3 yrs ago, just prior to covid, we looked at a 3yr old Kemerton XL, for £42,000, we walked away. Today, 3yr old Kemerton £60,000 minimum. Prices will stay strong .

    1. £180 a litre probably would make it unaffordable for most people. Although saying that if diesel got that expensive the whole country would probably come to a stand still😂

    1. It’s definitely the way for some people to go. Not the best for a lot of people because its a long process, its hard work and small mistakes with a van build can lead to some very big problems down the line. It’s why we tend to stick mainly to buying the branded campers as only a limited number of the self builds we see are fit for retail when they come in to us.

    1. Adapt and Overcome. I believe there will always be a place for the Caravan/Life on the road kind of holiday!

  8. Make the most of it guys – Motorhomes and caravans are doomed – 15 minute towns and cities, ban on diesels from 2030 or sooner, Diesel fuel unavailable and very expensive just now. If nothing is done with net zero you will have to stay at home forever.

  9. Appreciate the insight – the only one I am not sure of is the family motorhome. I think with Covid still lurking Air travel will remain expensive and for those with 2+ kids it costs once you start paying adult prices for Aircraft seats (2 years upward!!) and Hotel spaces then you’re looking at serious cash just to get away to the Med. On the other side, Finance APR costs, Fuel and ULEZ may start to have an effect.

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