The Ultimate VW CRAFTER Van Tour – (HUGE BED!)

Watch as we give you a FULL TOUR of this amazing new VW Crafter campervan. The team did an amazing job on this one and we are delighted to hand this over to the customer so they can get out and enjoy their next big adventure. This van conversion has some incredibly unique aspects to it, including a one of a kind bed system that’s never been done before. Our favourite campervan accessories Campervan Cookbook – England & Wales Roadtrips – The Campervan Bible – The Kit Mentioned Webasto Airtop – Cheaper Heater – Hob – Kit we use Main Camera – Mic – Lens 1 – Lens 2 – Tripod – As an official Volkswagen registered vehicle body builder for the Transporter T6.1, we focus on the highest in quality, safety and customer service. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Subscribe:

21 thoughts on “The Ultimate VW CRAFTER Van Tour – (HUGE BED!)

  1. I think the sockets below the table will get damaged through time, as they are low. The table that goes outside could have been made to also fit above the fridge aswell. In general a goog job though

  2. Looks a great van. With all vans there’s compromises, to me it feels cramped…I think it’s the galley kitchen, and all the storage down one side of the bed.
    I’m not sure you would ever need that much.
    But as you say it’s bespoke to your clients which is brilliant.
    I can’t think where else you could put the bathroom.
    To me it splits up the van .

  3. lovly van just looks very cramped though i think its the two passenger seats that are takeing all the room (nothing to do with you thought its your clients wish ) still very good job

  4. Have you ever converted a crafter 4motion? I’ve seen you lose some height in the back so not sure if a conversion in a high roof 4motion is advised, problem is I also wasn’t keen on the super high roof.

  5. Great distribution only one thing i would change… Backk sets need to be lift to the same level that from sets.

  6. Toilet cassette access from inside not outside the van!!! Very hygienic!!!! Could you not fit a door externally and do it that way ! Plus the smell also! Having had lots of caravans and and Motorhomes the best way it to access from outside or under body tanks.

  7. Aesthetically it also looks too work like and the interior very utilitarian. Not a conversion that would prompt me to order from you!

  8. Finally windows all the way down the side of a double bed means someone will be very cold. Having lived in Tour Trucks a d a caravan in the U.K. for 18 months solid windows at bed level bring cold and damp right into the bed. Your customer or your designer has never lived the van life by the looks of it!

  9. 9:25 you’ve got the table touching your knees and the one in front his chin !!!… just fantastic !!!…OMG
    (Back seats need to be lifted to the same level than front seats.)

    1. @Jerba Campervans ahhhh ok !!!… When younremove the step, there’s a mecanism that lift automatically the back seat till it gets as high as the frint seat, no ?

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