The best new campervan this year! Full review of the Campervan of the Year 2023

Peter Vaughan spends three days with the Campervan of the Year 2023, the Globe-Traveller Voyager Z, which has just arrived in the UK. Based on a Fiat Ducato or Peugeot Boxer, this Polish campervan has numerous unique features. It has a very clever roof bed, an extra high roof, a redesigned rear with tailgate and garage, automotive-style seating and a washroom with separate shower. And it’s all finished to a top-quality standard. Watch our review to see why it’s a worthy winner. If you would like to see more videos like this you can help and support us by giving us a thumbs up, leaving a comment or subscribing to our channel. ◼️ REVIEWED BY: Peter Vaughan, Group Motorhome Road Test Editor for MMM magazine and What Motorhome magazine Editor. Peter has been writing about motorhomes since the age of 14, has a love of touring France and is mad about old Italian sports cars. ◼️ ANY QUESTIONS? We love reading your comments so don’t forget to leave a comment and we will do our best to answer your questions. ◼️ VISIT OUR WEBSITE: for the latest on motorhomes and campervans and how to get the very best from your life on the open road. ◼️ MMM MAGAZINE This video is by MMM magazine, which has been Britain’s best-selling motorhome magazine for every one of the past 53 years! To find out more about this fantastic magazine, which is packed every month with motorhome reviews, inspiring motorhome and campervan tours in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, all the latest motorhome news, technical tips and DIY projects to improve your ’van and the latest buying advice and tips just follow the link above. ◼️ WHAT MOTORHOME MAGAZINE Our team of experts also produce What Motorhome magazine, which is packed every month with detailed information on new motorhomes and campervans, as well as expert buying advice and tips to help you find the right motorhome for you. ◼️ CAMPERVAN MAGAZINE We also create Campervan magazine each month, which is for those who enjoy life on the road in a more compact home from home. Each month Campervan magazine features superb tours, campervan reviews, the latest camper news and views and top technical and buying tips. ◼️ MORE INSPIRATION Join in the motorhome chat on our social channels too

29 thoughts on “The best new campervan this year! Full review of the Campervan of the Year 2023

    1. The biggest improvement in my book is reduced engine noise but the electric parking brake is a boon in a camper

  1. Not for us. Terrible roof light at front. Presumably you could fit air-con in the rear roof light position, then how dark would that be in the main bed area. Is it curtains on some side windows? Ugh. No Oven!! Sorry not a patch on our Adria Twin Supreme 640 SGX. Just how is this van voted best campervan.?

    1. Surely the “terrible roof light” is the one nearly everyone fits? Yes, I guess you could fit roof air-con but few will (I’d prefer to look into a unit mounted in the garage, so as not to add weight high up). No curtains on side windows, but the cab (coldest area) can be curtained off (as well as Remis cab blinds) – a great feature for really cold nights.
      We’re big fans of the Twin range (and the new 600 SX would have been in the running, had Adria got one to the NEC show) but there’s no double floor, separate shower or rear tailgate (replacing Fiat’s ill-fitting, draughty barn doors). And, if you want to take kids in a Twin, you’ll need a Sports model with cold pop-top – they’d freeze in winter!
      So, there are plenty of reasons why the Globe-Traveller is a very worthy winner.

    1. @MotorhomeCampervan I am pessimistic about that. I mean why offer better products and more choices, when they can get away with offering the same old thing. They know the US market is not going to demand it because we can’t demand what we don’t know about. US RV manufacturers only started offering Lithium based non-gas generator systems. After Erwin Hymer came here and shook up the US market.

    1. Obviously, we love it, too. Can’t remember the last time a new brand arrived here and impressed so much first time out

  2. noninnovative, just another old van design sad. what was the award for? is tis the best on offer for vans?

    1. I think there’s quite a bit of innovative design here. I’ve not seen a roof bed like this before and the redesign of the rear of the Fiat van, the travel seats, the double floor and the separate shower all put it ahead of most rivals. Plus, the build quality is superb

    1. The year has only just arrived but, as far as the motorhome industry is concerned, the 2023 season was launched to the dealers and press in June 2022 and to the public at Düsseldorf in September. Soon, we’ll be seeing 2024 models…

    1. Maybe Rapido Group owning Roadtrek and Thor owning Erwin Hymer Group will see more European-style design come to the US market

  3. Why do no vans in the US have the ceiling bed like this? it really opens up the floorplan for more options.

  4. Think I’d find that rear space claustrophobic without a rear-window – makes it very enclosed and dark. Some clever features there though, albeit at a super-premium price.

    1. Surely, you have the blinds closed much of the time in the bedroom anyway? There are windows on each side, a rooflight and plenty of artificial lighting, so it’s not a big issue.
      Lots of clever features to make up for it, anyway, as you say!

  5. Good review of a nice camper. But strange: The year 2023 has just started and there already is a winner of 2023.

    1. That’s the motorhome market for you. It’s an annual cycle. New 2023 models were shown to dealers and press last June, and went on sale in Europe in September (Düsseldorf show). We’re already receiving invites to see the 2024 season models…

  6. I find the campervan of the year award to be dubious and suspect. I mean it’s built on a ‘fix it again tony’ and this video was put out before 2023 even arrived, much less had a chance to show anything else for the 2023 year. I tend to block channels that make outrageous claims in their captions, because if they are willing to start the conversation with a lie then everything they say after that should hold the same value, and I just don’t like wasting my time on liars.

    1. A bit strong. The Campervan of the Year award is from the UK’s leading publisher of motorhome/campervan content, including MMM magazine (a best seller for over 50 years), What Motorhome, Campervan magazine and
      It is a 2023 award because that’s how the motorhome industry works. The 2023 models started appearing last June and were available to the public from the Düsseldorf show in September and the NEC show in the UK in October. In the specialist press, we’ll soon be seeing 2024 season models!
      As for Fiat, it is still the best-selling chassis for campervans of this size by a country mile. At times, the Fiat Ducato has claimed well over 80% of the entire European motorhome market!
      No outrageous claims here, just unbiased reviews. I, personally, have been reviewing motorhomes for almost 40 years.

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